Olympic Weight Lifting 


Level 1 Olympic Lifting Class

Coach Bryan 


This program is the "Introduction to Olympic Weightlifting." The prime focus is to teach about the (2) lifts, the clean & jerk and the snatch. It all starts with a PVC pipe and yourself. This course last 5 weeks and will provide 1-on-1 coaching with the breakdown from the stance (start) to the end of the movement in order to make the execution of the lift safe and efficient. The first couple of weeks will be VERY instructional about the pulls, positioning, body angles, etc. You will be taught to mobilize your body with banded stretches, foam rolling, for yourself to conduct the lift properly. There are NO WOD's. 




"For me, I think the class helped most with breaking down the movements and correcting my form, giving me confidence to go heavier and hit new PRs." - Sandy


"..I learned more about how to snatch in those classes than I did in my whole 2 1/2 years of Crossfit.. and it made me feel more comfortable with the lifts.. Like I know no matter what weight I was trying there was no way I would get hurt because I felt confident that I was doing it correctly." - Kim 

"Having completed Level 1 myself and since moved on to Level 2, I just wanted to emphasize that this is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested. I can't stress its importance in not only sharpening your skills in Crossfit but also should you wish to further pursue Olympic Lifting.

Bryan's course makes it easier to understand each lift by breaking down the mechanics involved from the ground up. This is not only done by hands on training but along with instructional videos sent to each student accompanied by Bryan's knowledge and 1st experience in competing. The excellence of this course mirrors the excellence of the box it is given at, CrossFit CAMO" - Justin Boyle



Level 2 Olympic Lifting Class

Coach Bryan 


Level 2 is a program that strictly entails "private" programming with Olympic Weightlifting programmed as well. It is a weekly program that is emailed by your coach for you to come and execute what has been sent. It is a classroom environment, but with "different" individual competitive workouts. These workouts will help you individually prepare for the CrossFit Open and overall to become better as you attend regular CrossFit classes. The emails are sent twice a week that will include videos on mobility, gymnastics, and weightlifting tips for you to learn outside of CrossFit CAMO. 


*must complete Level 1 course*

One - On - One Private Coahing

Coach Bryan 


This is an opportunity strictly between YOU and the coach alone in the affiliate. It is a program to help you grasp and understand what's implemented in the foundations of CrossFit along with Olympic Weightlifting. Workouts are programmed "on-the-spot" based off of your level of understanding and what you have learned. Every class/session going forward is an education that is "fun" for you to make yourself better, stronger, and healthier. Each session will be conducted in a safe environment and professional manner. All you need is yourself, a hydration source, and you to be ready to learn.