What is CrossFit?


CrossFit is defined as constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains.  It is so much more than just a workout.  CrossFit allows you to measure and track your own fitness level and the improvements made over time.  It gives you the ability to achieve your maximum capacity in a workout.  Whether you are 19 or 90, every workout can be scaled and modified to each individual's relative intensity and ability. We work closely with our members so that you feel safe and confident.

Additional Services CrossFit CAMO Offers



We understand that sometimes getting started is difficult.  We also understand, to get the results you want, you need individual attention.  That is why we offer our One-On-One Personal CrossFit Training.  This is also accompanied by nutritional advice and support.


Benefits of Personal Training


  • Track progress & work on weak points

  • Nutritional advices

  • Healthier lifestyle

  • Build confidence

  • Work at your own pace



Let us help your athlete or athletes.  Our coaches have all been and still are athletes.  We understand what you need to do to increase your speed, strength, conditioning, and even mobility.



Benefits of Sports Team Training


  • Increase work capacity

  • Increase speed times

  • Increase strength

  • Increase flexibility & mobility

  • Reduce proneness to injury



CrossFit has this amazing way of bringing people together and building special bonds.  Let us help your company become more FIT. We offer a wide range of discounts and programs for corporate members.  If your company is not a part of our corporate discount program and you want them to be, contact us.


Benefits of Corporate Training


  • Increased work productivity

  • Team building & camaraderie

  • Healthier employees

  • Increased happiness in employees

  • Reduced stress levels